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Based in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Carolina Holdings Group (CHG) is a real estate investment/development firm engaged in the creation of second home, resort communities on the southeastern seaboard. 

Assembled development teams for each new community are local and among the best in their respective disciplines. CHG has assembled a solid network of leading architects, builders, civil engineers, financiers, marketing/sales teams, interior designers and landscape architects to create thriving new neighborhoods. It is through these experts that CHG can depend to make the right long-term decisions for every community and its residents.

The managing partner of CHG is The Wadsten Group, led by Gary Wadsten. CHG has built a reputation for developing quality communities well-suited and respectful to the land and its surroundings. Gary brings more than 30 years of acquisition, development, financial accountability, budgeting, strategic planning, sales, and marketing experience to the leadership team. A detailed analysis of each new opportunity is always conducted prior to purchase. Carolina Holdings Group gains a competitive edge by coupling this analysis with an in-depth understanding of the real estate markets in which it operates, accurate market trending, insightful forecasting and creative marketing.

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Meet our Managing Partner

Meet our Managing Partner

The Wadsten Group, founded in 2006, offers real estate development marketing and sales expertise to developers of single-family and multi-family resort communities along the southeastern seaboard. The firm will develop and execute your strategic marketing communications plan as well as staff your sales office with licensed and proven sales professionals. The firm currently serves as the managing partner of Carolina Holdings Group.

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